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Rimfire Steel Targets

  • Rimfire Dueling Tree (animated)

    Rimfire Dueling Tree

    All the fun and excitement of a full size PT Dueling Tree but with ammo that costs only a fraction of the price! ...
  • Rimfire Plate Rack

    Rimfire Plate Rack

    Train like the pros on a reactive rimfire plate rack system designed to meet your needs and especially your budget. ...
  • Spinning Jack

    Rimfire Spinning Jack

    Add some excitement to your shooting experience with the conveniently portable spinning target that won’t empty your ...
  • Buffalo Rimfire

    Rimfire Buffalo

    Get your hunt on with the fun reactivity of the shu-mani-tu-tonka ob' wa-chi– that’s Lakota for “steel target shaped ...
  • Rimfire Bullseye

    Rimfire Bullseye

    See how much of a dead eye you are with this reactive steel target made for sharper shooters and novices alike. Th...
  • Rimfire Hostage

    Rimfire Hostage

    Challenge your accuracy with the simulated hostage scenario designed to create accountability for every missed shot. ...
  • Rimfire Mini Gong

    Rimfire Mini Gong

    Stop wasting time going down range to reset your targets and get one that’s powered by the most dependable thing on e...
  • Rimfire Rectangle

    Rimfire Rectangle

    The perfect combination of reactive steel and minimalist design, the Rimfire Rectangle is great for honing accuracy o...
  • Rimfire Tactical Hostage

    Rimfire Tactical Hostage

    Get the best of both targets in one conveniently-sized package featuring double reactivity and tactical training func...
  • Rimfire Tactical Torso

    Rimfire Tactical Torso

    Get instant visual feedback and tactical training functionality in a smaller package without blowing your budget on e...

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