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Rifle Steel Targets

  • Four AT Statics (From Left): Rectangle, 12" Circle, 40% ISPC, 6" Circle

    PT Static

    The PT Static family is a set of steel head plates and stands that combine to create a wide variety of targets. By ch...
  • AT Evil Roy Practice Target

    Evil Roy Practice Target

    A portable and durable armor steel target for everyone who loves shooting! The Evil Roy Practice Target is the best t...
  • AT Rocker (in Motion)

    PT Rocker

    Rock the range with a budget friendly steel target that uses a counter weight to provide instant visual feedback for ...
  • IPSC A-Zone

    PT IPSC A-Zone

    The PT IPSC A-Zone was designed with competitive shooters in mind. With a torso made to the exact size and dimensions...
  • AT Hostage

    PT Hostage

    Challenge your accuracy with the simulated hostage scenario designed to create accountability for every missed shot. ...
  • PT Torso

    PT Torso

    Every steel training program needs a basic building block. The PT Torso provides the perfect foundation for law enfor...
  • AT Tactical Torso

    PT Tactical Torso

    Hone your rifle and handgun accuracy with a tactical training tool that gives you two reactive targets within a torso...
  • 45 Degree Static with Static Stand (Side-View)

    45 Degree Static

    The 45 Degree Static gives you the training freedom you need by shortening the distance required to shoot rifles to o...
  • AT Dueling Tree AR500

    PT Dueling Tree (Heavy Duty)

    Train for speed and accuracy under pressure or just have fun competing against friends with the innovative PT Dueling...
  • IPSC Hostage

    PT IPSC Hostage

    Improve your accuracy by adding accountability for every missed shot on the hostage target designed with the competit...
  • PT IPSC Torso

    PT IPSC Torso

    Every steel training program needs a basic building block. Prepare for competitions with confidence by training on th...
  • PT Tatanka (animated GIF)

    PT Tatanka

    With a reactive steel plate that swings from side to side, the PT Tatanka is a fun new twist on the classic cowboy ac...

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