Rifle & Pistol Portable Bullet Trap

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Portable Bullet Trap - Rifle and Pistol


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The Portable Trap is designed primarily for use in shoot houses and other tactical environments where shots are less frequent yet more precise.

To function safely and effectively, a portable trap must not only have a steel back, but steel sides as well. Designs that do not incorporate steel sides should be avoided as bullet splatter eating through wooden sides creates an obvious hazard. All Action Target Portable Traps have steel sides and are made of the finest through hardened AR500 (or AR550) steel for maximum safety and durability.

The Portable Trap is essentially a steel box with a plywood front and patented side baffles. Bullets fired at the trap pass through the plywood, shatter on the steel, and fall harmlessly to the bottom of the box. When the plywood face becomes too full of holes to safely contain the splatter, simply remove it, clean out the steel box, and attach a new piece of plywood. The internal perimeter is fitted with a deflector system to help contain splatter and protect the edges of the plywood. We also offer an optional Linatex self-healing rubber lining that adds an extra layer of protection for the shooter, and with a hanging kit, the Portable Trap can easily be inverted.

- Weight: 425 lbs
- Trap Face Dimensions: 24" x 48"
- Steel grade: 3/8” AR500 armor steel
- 3/4" plywood face
- 10 ga. steel internal perimeter deflector system
- 6mm Linatex sheet
- 12" wide AR550 inner "hot-spot" baffle
- Rifle capable (green tip) - AP rounds are not accepted
- Optional composite face

*Please refer to the Action Target Steel Target Resource Guide for more information about shooting on steel.
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Replacement Parts

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  • What is the purpose of a Portable Bullet Trap?: The Portable Bullet Trap is generally used for scenario training in ballistic shoot houses to prevent rounds from hitting the actual walls of the structure. However, the Portable Bullet Trap can be used anywhere to effectively capture bullets. Always be aware of your surroundings and anything beyond the bullet trap that could potentially be hit.

    Is the Portable Bullet Trap free standing?: The Portable Bullet Trap does not come in a free standing form, but can be made free standing with a wheeled base add-on kit. The wheeled base must be on a hard, flat surface to be mobile.

    What is Linatex?: Linatex is a synthetic self-healing material that closes up after a bullet passes through it. There is a layer of Linatex just below the plywood to prevent large holes in the plywood from becoming ricochet and splatter hazards.

    Do I need the Linatex?: The Linatex layer is not absolutely necessary, but without it, you will need to replace the plywood more frequently to prevent holes in the wood from becoming ricochet and splatter hazards. If you would like to replace the Linatex layer, please call Action Target's customer service.

    What can I shoot and how close can I shoot at my Portable Bullet Trap?: The rifle grade Portable Bullet Trap is made of 3/8" AR550 steel and is rated for any standard rifle round from close quarter distances and further. Unlike most Action Target steel targets, this bullet trap can be shot with rifle rounds from closer than 100 yards because the interior of the trap contains fluting that breaks up the bullet before it reaches the armor steel rear panel.
  • There are currently no replacement parts available for this product.

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