Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

If the item you ordered is in stock, it will ship within three business days. If your order is delayed or if an item is on back order, you will be notified through the contact information you provided at the time of the purchase. Most orders from Action Target are shipped through UPS ground. If your order exceeds the maximum weight limit, your order will ship on a pallet through Fedex freight or UPS freight shipping.

If you select the “will call” option, please note that this means you will personally pick up the item at Action Target’s headquarters in Provo, Utah. DO NOT SELECT WILL CALL IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PICK UP YOUR ORDER. If you live out of state but can make arrangements to have the order picked up, you can still select will call, but make sure to note in the comments field when checking out that you live out of state but plan to pick up your order.

Please allow 72 hours for your order to be ready for pick up. A $10 service fee will be charged for all will call orders.

Our headquarters are located at:

3411 S. Mountain Vista Pkwy
Provo, UT 84606

Privacy & Security

Action Target Inc. uses the outside firm to handle all credit card transactions. Your credit card information is completely private and is not saved on company servers. If you require a refund or call in to adjust your order, you may be asked to give your credit card information over the phone.

We will not intentionally sell, share, or distribute your personal information to third parties, except as required by law. Information is shared, however, among subsidiaries and acquired companies included within the Action Target umbrella.

Returns & Replacements

If you receive a faulty product that does not function as described, please contact us via the contact form or by calling customer service toll free at (888) 705-9134. Please contact us before rejecting a delivery or returning a product.

Because the targets are made of steel, the packaging often becomes damaged during shipping. Please receive the package in any condition and have it noted by the deliverer that the package was damaged. Then inspect your package to make sure nothing is missing using the inventory sheet provided with the product. If you are unsure if your order is complete, you can contact our customer service toll free at (877) 852-2418.

For replacement parts, please visit our online store at where all target parts are available for purchase individually.

Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

If any Action Target portable target fails to perform as explained in the product description, we will replace it*. If your target experiences any issues, please contact us via the contact form or by calling customer service toll free at (877) 852-2418.

*Not included in the warranty is normal wear and tear and damage caused to the target through misuse and/or abuse. Action Target portable targets are made of the finest materials and are designed to last, but they are not indestructible. If shot with the wrong caliber and/or at the wrong distance, armor steel may be damaged. Also keep in mind the only parts of the target made of armor steel are those intended to be shot. The stand and other auxiliary parts are made of mild steel and will be damaged if hit by a bullet. Shooting the stand and support parts constitutes misuse of the target. Please refer to the Steel Target Resource Guide for more details on proper use of steel targets.


For accuracy and convenience, orders are made through the online store. If you encounter any problems during the ordering process, you can also place your order by emailing In the email, please include your name, organization (if applicable), contact information, the product you want to order, your billing and shipping addresses, and any current discount codes you would like to apply. After receiving your order, we will contact you to obtain your credit card information. For the protection of your privacy, please do not include credit card information in the email.

Sales tax:

Because Action Target is licensed to do business and build shooting ranges in your state, we are required by law to charge applicable sales tax on all purchases, including those made online.

International orders:

The ordering process is exactly the same for international orders as it is for domestic orders with the exception of shipping. All orders shipped outside the U.S. are processed through iGlobal, which is a third party shipping firm.

Purchase orders:

If you are with a government department or agency and would like to use a purchase order rather than a credit card, please submit your order through